Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Do You Really Have it All?

The short answer is yes.

But- you say- where is the million dollars, my luxury car, and my European villa?

They are in the world.

Yes, I'm right about that. The money, car, and expensive home all exist somewhere in the world.

But- you say- I want those things in my world. Now.


Are they part of your life story?

The problem with looking at other's people's stuff is that it may not be right for you.

What if I told you that instead of the money, car, and home you will be getting worldwide fame, your personal plane, and an island of your own in the Pacific?

That sounds good too, doesn't it?

When writing your life story, be confident but don't box yourself into a set of preconceived ideas.

Dream your own dream and that dream will show up in your life in living color.

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