Monday, December 28, 2015

Courage and all that it Contains

Did you ever play that game where you find words within a word?

For instance, how many words can you find in 'courage?'

I found about 20 but according to this handy-dandy word maker, there are 80 words within the word courage.

Word Maker

When I first thought of the word courage, I could see certain ideas that would be useful when writing your life story.

Courage contains 'rage' perhaps against fear and discouragement.

Courage contains 'cougar,' an animal whose survival depends on its ability to use all of its skills.

Courage also contains 'grace,' which is a nice reminder that all that we have has been gifted to us.

When writing your life story, remember courage and all that it holds for you.

Make your life story contain all your hopes and dreams.

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