Saturday, October 31, 2015

Trick or Treat? Nah!

Somewhere along the line we got the idea that we need to do something to get something.


When you are writing your life story, you don't need to prove your worth.

Your life itself is a testament to your place in the Universe.

There's no need for tricks or treats.

Just show up every day.

There is nothing scary about writing your life story.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Get a Second Opinion

In the medical world, if someone was diagnosed with a serious condition, getting a second opinion is usually a good idea.

There are several reasons why people seek a second opinion.

The diagnosis is unclear.

The medical condition will significantly affect your quality of life.

You have a choice of treatment options and want to pick the best one.

Let's connect this idea to writing your life story.

Are you unclear about what to do?

Is the quality of your life in question, as to whether you can actually achieve your goals and dreams?

Do you have a  lot of choices but need to narrow them down to only one?

Then get a second opinion.

Ask someone who knows you very well to write down the answers to these three questions. Yes, have them write the answers so you can review them on your own and alone.

1.) What are your greatest strengths?

2.) What are your weaknesses?

3.) What do they see you doing 5 years from now?

Their answers will confirm what you already know about yourself.

A second opinion is a first-rate way to find out more about yourself.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

When is Truth Real?

This blog is to encourage you to write your life story.

By that I mean that I want you to live out your dreams and goals. I want you to realize your unique purpose and to pursue it every day.


Is that the truth?

Do you really have a special purpose? Can you really be successful and live in happiness?

Let's look at a couple facts about truth.

Truth is not simply believing something because you can also believe a lie.

Truth corresponds to reality and you can recognize it.

Truth originates from somewhere.

Now when we put all those facts together I can confidently say:

You can know the truth of your life's destination because it originated within you. 

You were born at a certain time and place; this was no accident and is part of your life's fulfillment.

The truth is already here and is waiting to be revealed.

Life is simple. You were born into this world through no effort on your part,

You will impact the world through the abundance of your life.

That's the truth.

Believing it means you will write your life story.

Doubting it doesn't stop if from being real; it only stops you from realizing it.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Are You Playing the Shell Game with Your Life?

The idea of the shell game is simple: a ball is hidden under one of three cups and all of the cups are shuffled around. An observer is then asked to pick the cup the ball is under.

You can choose the right cup if you really keep your eyes trained on them.

That principle works very well when you are writing your life story.

You will achieve your goals when you keep focused on them.

But there is a major difference between the shell game and writing your life story.

The shell game tries to deceive you.

Life wants you to win.

I'm taking that idea with me today.

I choose to go forward in complete confidence.

Come and join me.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Highway and Life Way Choices

What would happen if everyone on the highway were allowed to change their lanes as quickly as their minds?

Let's say you planned on going to the mall and were racing down the highway. But suddenly, you saw a flock of geese overhead and decided to go hiking instead.

Since the hiking trails were in the other direction, what would happen if you stopped your car in the fast lane and turned it around?

Can we say "massive accident?"

Remember that image the next time you are actively pursuing your goals and you decide to change direction.

Keep your destination of success before your eyes at all times.

Stay in your lane and write your life story.

Monday, October 26, 2015

The Start Line

The best way to write your life story is to just do it.

Living a life of abundance and achieving your dreams and goals will not magically appear one day.

It's a process.

Move forward each day, even if it's only an inch.

But more importantly, be sure to actually start this process.

Runners line up at the start line before a race. They position themselves for the win by doing this.

Did you start writing your life story?

Sunday, October 25, 2015

How to be Interesting

All interesting people have one thing in common:

They have definite ideas.

They plan this.

Or they believe that.

Probably, maybe, and I hope so aren't in their vocabularies.

When you're interesting, your life story will be too.

And that's definite.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Taming Your Lizard Brain

Do you know why you feel resistance when you have a plan? You know what I mean-- that little voice telling you that you can't do it, or shouldn't do it, or wouldn't do it if you gave it more thought.

That resistance is coming from your lizard brain.

The lizard brain is a prehistoric lump near the brain stem that handles instinctive responses. It's part of your arsenal of basic survival skills.

The only problem is that the lizard brain is trying to keep you from threats that don't exist.

Hey, this lizard brain was designed to save you from dinosaurs!

Obviously, you don't have a dinosaur blocking your path to success, but your lizard brain is not so sure. It's very conservative and tries to stop you from going forward-- just in case there is a dinosaur walking around somewhere.

So, the lizard brain puts up all kinds of resistance. It will tell you that you're not good enough, there are too many obstacles, and you should really take a nap instead of writing your life story.

Listening to your lizard brain will keep you safe.

And sorry.

Show the lizard who is really in charge.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Why YOLO is Wrong

YOLO is an acronym for 'you only live once.'

And that's not true.

We live each and every day. (We only die once.)

YOLO creates scarcity; you think you need to do something now because now is all you have.


You are living in abundance. 

Take a moment to calculate how many moments in time-- seconds-- that you have already lived.

Multiply your age by 365 days. Multiply that answer by 24 hours. Multiply that by 60 minutes and then that number by 60 seconds.

Are you saying "Wow" yet?

YOLO says you only live once.

The Universe gives you now and forever.

Write your life story. Now.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Too Salty?

Did you know that many restaurants use three to five times more salt than you would use at home?

They do this to shock the taste buds into thinking that the food is well seasoned because you can taste it in a big and noticeable way. It's sort of like putting a few exclamation marks at the end of a sentence!!!

Just like that.

In life, you may be salting your days with a lot of things to make your life seem bigger.

Sometimes we think that being busy means being successful.

Not true.

Take time to think and plan your life story.

Enjoy moments of quiet.

Salt has its place but you have a purpose.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Biology and Success

Do biology and success have anything in common?

According to Robert Arnot, M.D. in his book The Biology of Success there are physical markers that can be strengthened to increase a person's success rate.

He also states in the book: "The number one stumbling block to reaching success for most people is that they do not genuinely believe that they can succeed."

That's exactly what I have been telling you all year.

There is a direct biological connection between your thoughts, health, and success.

Thinking positively is as important as eating right, getting enough sleep, and taking your vitamins.

Write your life story in the right frame of mind.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

What's the Value of Your Life Story?

If your life story was being published, how much would you charge for it?

Your answer is very important.

When we consider something valuable, we will invest our time and energy on it.

Write your life story as if it will be published.

And maybe made into a movie.

Who would play the leading role?

Have fun, think big, and write that bestseller.

Monday, October 19, 2015

The Beauty Beneath

Autumn is beautiful.

It's amazing how the trees change colors.

But do they really?

When we see a tree burst into brilliant yellow or orange or red, are we seeing something new or something that had already been there?

The tree always had the potential to change the color of its leaves, but it needed the right conditions and the right time.

Sort of like writing your life story, huh?

You have the potential to live your dreams. 

Stand firm (yeah, like a tree) and watch what happens.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Kick Your But Good-Bye

Do you want to write your life story?

Do you want to achieve all your goals and dreams?

Do you want an amazing, awesome, incredible life?


You don't think it will happen.

You don't have what it takes.

You are surrounded by obstacles.

Kick that 'but' good-bye.

You have a choice:

Be positive and pursue your purpose.

Be negative and never realize your full potential.

Don't let a 'but' stop you from being all you can be.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Words Make Your Life Rich

It's estimated that the average person knows about 20,000 words.

That means that you have 20,000 ways to see your world, explain events, and influence others.

We think in words. We act in words. Words run our lives.

They describe what we are thinking and feeling and doing.

Yes, words-- expressed as your thoughts-- will write your life story.

Make your life richer with words.

Learn a word a day.

Here are a couple sites to get you started:

Word Think

Merriam Webster Word of the Day

Think in big words and write a majuscule life story!

Friday, October 16, 2015

Let Go of FOMO

Definition of FOMO: "Fear of Missing Out"

         ...anxiety that an interesting or exciting event may currently be happening elsewhere

FOMO thrives on comparison which is the worst possible way to live.

It makes people leave their purpose to run after an imagined pleasure.

Stay focused on your goals and dreams. Write your life story.

That's the best and only place for you to be.

And say NO to FOMO.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Some-Real Life Inspiration

Here are two inspiring stories of animals who had 'goals' and followed them successfully.

The Doolen family of Aurora, Illinois moved to East Lansing, Michigan which was 260 miles away. Before moving, they gave away their mixed-breed dog, Tony. Six weeks later, Tony walked down the street in East Lansing and was reunited with the Doolen family.

In France, 82-year-old Alfonse Mondry went to the hospital. His cat, Misele, missed him so much that she walked to the hospital-- a place where she had never been before-- and went into her owner's room. The nurses found Misele purring on her owner's lap.

Tony and Misele, a dog and a cat, had goals. They wanted to be with their owners, people they loved.

So, despite the odds of them walking long distances in unfamiliar places, Tony and Misele were successful.

My question to you:

Why? What motivated them?

My answer: love

When you love someone or something so much you will press forward. You will not look at the obstacles, only the object of your love.

Love your life story.

Tony and Misele showed us what happens when love leads you forward.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


If you were to ask a young child what they want to be when they grow up you might hear answers like this:

"I want to be President."

"I want to create a vaccine to cure cancer."

"I want to end all wars."

Your response will be praise and a promise to the child that anything is possible.

Now, if an adult were to tell you those same goals, what would you say?


Would you point out the flaws and highlight the obstacles?

I hope not.

Age does not destroy dreams.

Write your life story and encourage others to do the same.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

When "It" Hits the Fan

My day started with two medical emergencies and another chapter in an on-going issue.

All before 6 AM.

The temptation to cry and complain loomed large but I chose not to go that way.

And that's the key.

My choice.

I can't just write a blog that encourages other people; I have to put these principles to work in my own life.

I choose to live my life and write my life story.

Some pages may be 'messier' than others, but the ending is good. 

I will hold on.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Columbus Day

Christopher Columbus had a plan but not a map.

He wanted to travel westward to explore trade routes and find new lands, but he didn't really have all the specifics.

Can you imagine traveling over an ocean without knowing exactly where you will wind up?

That was pretty bold.

History tells us that he landed in the New World on October 12, 1492.

Columbus wrote his life story with three ships and a big adventure.

How is your life story going?

Maybe we should take a page from Columbus' story and remember that we can move forward without knowing all the specifics.

You have a plan.

Now get moving.

And maybe if your life story is incredibly awesome, you will have a day named after you too.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Futurizing Anyone?

Futurizing means "to bring into the future."

What can you bring into the future?

How about your life story? Can you "see" it happening? That's futurizing.

But there is one important thing to keep in mind when you futurize:

You're in charge of the vision. 

That means that your futurizing should not include those worst-case scenarios you may have roaming around in your thoughts. You vision for the future should not include mopping up messes; it should only be about succeeding and achieving your goals.

Sadly, many of us spend sleepless night futurizing about all the bad things that are coming our way.

Stop that please.

And start "seeing" the best that awaits you.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Realist or Pessimist?

Which are you?

Do you really believe that you were created for a certain destiny and are gifted with all the resources of the Universe?

Or not.

Realists see facts; pessimists see problems.

Facts are reals; problems are thoughts.

Keep things real and write your life story.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Spending Your Time

We only spend our time on things that we think are valuable.

Notice I said, "think."

Our entire lives are led by our belief system.

We think something is important so we pursue it.

And if we think something is meaningless, we don't.

What do you spend your time on?

If you made a pie graph of how each day was spent, what gets the biggest piece?

Is it work? Then that's most important.

Is it sleep? Or socializing? Or maybe a hobby.

Make the graph; see where your time goes.

And if you don't like it; change your thinking.

Thursday, October 8, 2015


Everyone loves coupons and what they represent.

Coupons give you the chance to buy something you want for less money.

That's certainly a win-win.

When you're writing your life story, be sure to redeem this coupon:

"ONE life to be lived with 100% abundance provided by the Universe."

Can't get much better than that.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Every Single Day

Did you know that Isaac Asimov published 400 books by typing every day?

Did you know that this is post 281 in my blog?

I started this blog in January as a personal challenge to myself. I vowed to write every single day.

I also vowed to try to say something interesting, encouraging, and useful every day too. (How am I doing?)

My life story involves writing and because of that, I set a goal to write- every single day.

What's your story?

Can you do something-- anything, big or small-- that will move you toward that story?

Show up...every single day.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

On Top of the World

Are you on top of the world this morning?

Are you feeling incredibly happy?

Do you really believe you are in the best possible place and time to achieve your dreams and goals?

Well, it's good that you're reading this and being reminded of these facts.

Go make your day great.

Monday, October 5, 2015

The Right Food

People need the right kind of food to survive.

Our bodies require a certain combination of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, fats, and fluids to live at an optimal level.

If we don't eat properly, we may develop health issues.

How about if we apply this principle to our minds?

What do you think is the best diet for our minds?

Do you want a happy and successful life? Then think that way.

What we think about is how we act.

The 'food' for our minds are our thoughts and we are in complete control of them.

Something to think about...

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Wishing and Believing

I wish you would read today's blog carefully.

Or maybe I believe you will read today's blog carefully.

Which way is better?

Sometimes I am accused of wishful thinking, but I never do that.

Instead, I have thinking that is full of believing-- and there is a big difference.

Wishes float around in our reality and never settle on anything.

Beliefs are attached to reality.

For instance, are you wishing that chair you're sitting on will hold you, or are you believing it will?

When you believe in something, you act on it. You even see it happening in your mind.

Are your goals and dreams just wishes or are you believing they will happen?

Fact: You were born for a unique purpose.

Believe in your destiny.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

The Difference Between Failing and Failure

You may fail at something, like a test.

But that lasts only for a moment.

However, you become a failure  if you think you are one.

This feeling may last a lifetime and completely cripple you.

It's okay to fail but it's very bad to be a failure.

The difference is in your mind.

Failing is an event.

Failure is a mindset.

Please guard your thoughts.

Friday, October 2, 2015

The Purpose of a Mirror

Mirrors show us things that would be hard for us to see otherwise.

Like our reflections.

Most of us use  a mirror to get ready in the morning; we make sure our hair looks okay and our makeup is on right.

We also have mirrors on our cars to show us different angles of perspective.

But there is really only one purpose of a mirror: to show us a view that might need to be changed.

In life, we can-- and should-- check our perspective often.

Just like the surface of a mirror can become dirty and therefore distort the true image, sometimes our thoughts and feelings may alter reality in a bad way.

If we are sad, discouraged, and feeling like we really can't achieve our goals and dreams, it's time to clean the mirror of your mind.

Wipe off those negative thoughts.

See your life as it really is: destined for a unique and positive purpose.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Was, Am, and Will

Where do you spend most of your time?

In the past?

In the present?

Or in the future?

The way to find out is to listen to your thoughts.

Are you mostly saying, "I was" and reviewing past triumphs or tragedies?

Or are you saying, "Someday, I will" and deciding to wait for a better day?

Or do you wake up and confidently say, "Today, I will" and then do it?

The past is over. The future isn't here yet.

Make the most of today.

I am.