Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Be First....or Last

Being first always seems the best place to be. It sets you apart from the crowd behind you and gives you a psychological edge.

On the other hand, showing up last seems to have a lot more negative emotions attached to it. Are you last because you are too slow, too stupid, or just not motivated enough?

How about if we pick apart this pecking order and really put it into place?

Being first or last, or anywhere in between is equally good when it comes to writing your life story. And the simple logic behind it is that living your unique life and pursuing your individual goals is something that will happen...regardless of the time frame.

You can never be too early or too late when you are moving toward your goals.

But you must always maintain a forward momentum.

Your life story is not a contest to see who comes in first; rather, it's a commitment to your goals and a determination to cross the finish line.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Problems with Pushing the Panic Button

Fear is one of those survival instincts that we are programmed with. The fight-or-flight response does come in handy on occasion.

But pushing the panic button throughout your day creates a whole set of problems:

--Fear stops you from thinking and acting clearly.

--Fear creates doubts.

--Fear steals your peace.

And when you are writing your life story, these negative consequences can stop you from moving forward.

Panic will push you into impossibility.

Instead, push past the fear to the future that calmly awaits you.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Who's In Your Head?

Okay, let's be honest. We all hear voices in our heads, right?

Not the crazy kind of voices, but we do hear someone in our heads telling us we are right, wrong, or ridiculously delusional.

The ridiculously delusional part is always loudest when we decide that we are going to pursue our life's goals and dreams.

Sometimes, we are our own worst enemy.

What's the fix?

Turn off the negative talk consciously and every time it surfaces.

Think of those doubts or criticisms as a television show you don't want to see and click the "Off" button on that program.

The one thing you are in complete control of in this life and world is your thoughts.

Monitor your mind and make your life all it can be.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Choose You

Do you have any childhood memories of waiting to be chosen for a team? Maybe for a game of kickball in the playground? Or perhaps a coach was selecting his all-star players?

Do you remember the anguish of waiting...and hoping...and daring to dream?

Are you doing the same thing now as you look to fulfill your goals and write your life story?

Are you somehow waiting for permission to be yourself?

Psst...you don't need permission. 

You don't need to be chosen, either. You are a unique human being with a story to tell.

Be your own cheerleader. Or better yet, be your own team, captain and all. 

Friday, March 27, 2015

Fire Your Ghostwriter

I have ghostwritten books and articles for clients over the years and I can understand why people hire someone like me.

Often, they say they have a great idea but lack the writing skills. Sometimes, they just don't have the time for the writing project or feel that a professional would do a better job.

When we're writing our life story, we may be tempted to think along similar lines:

"I really don't know where to start."

"I have some great ideas but can I really put them all together?"

"I better consult with someone about the best way to move forward."

Nah. These are all just excuses. Believe me, I have used them myself.

Write your life story with confidence. Your mind is the only creative force you need.

Don't be scared into thinking you need some kind of ghostwriter!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

That Just Can't Work! (or can it?)

If you say that something can't work, it's won't. At least it won't for you.

Our minds are the creative force in our lives and if the mind says, "No" it literally puts the brakes on any forward movement of that idea working out well for you.

People said the light bulb, automobile, and the personal computer were't going to be successful, but we all know better now.

And when it comes to writing your life story, you not only know better; you know best.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Secret to Your Success

Where does success come from?

By earning a degree from a prestigious university?

Working out in the gym every day?

Or maybe by attending seminars that teach you the steps to success?

While all of these things are good, they are not guarantees to success.

Success starts, stays, and is sustained by the mind.

Your mind has the ability to create and it is here that your success is literally brought into being. You are 100% responsible for what you think, and it is on this level that you can make choices.

Your success comes from your thoughts. Your mind is the driving force behind all of your actions.

Let your life story reflect what is in (or should be in) your mind.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

What a Pain!

We've all had pain. 

And we all hate it.

But pain is actually a body mechanism that alerts us to something that is wrong. In that sense, pain is good because we are strongly motivated to fix the problem.

Our mind also alerts us when we are not living in abundance and success as we should be.

We may feel anxious, depressed, or just restless. We instinctively know that we are meant for better and greater things, and until we reach that level, our mind reminds us through our emotions.

What's the fix?

Take a small step forward. I am reminded of the words of Neil Armstrong when he stepped on the moon:

"This is one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind."

He had taken countless steps throughout his lifetime, but the action of putting one foot in front of the other on the moon held an enormous significance.

In like manner, when you do one thing to move toward your goals, you are taking a giant leap forward.

Neil Armstrong was making history but you are doing something more important. You're writing your life story.

Take a step into the future that awaits you.

Turn your pain into a gain.

Monday, March 23, 2015

What Does Failure Mean to You?


The ultimate "F" word.

What does it mean to you? We have been conditioned as children that failing at something is a disgrace.

But is it, really?

The definition of failure includes "a lack of success" and "not being able to perform as expected."

Yet, many of us take the word 'failure' and make it a death sentence to our dreams.

Failure is merely not achieving your goal at this moment in time. 

Have you ever gotten lost when driving somewhere? I bet you consulted the directions again, retraced your steps, and figured out the right way to get to your destination.

You did not just stop in the middle of the street and declare yourself a failure, right?

Then don't stop when you feel you may have failed at achieving your goals.

Failure isn't forever.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Where is Your Future?

We always talk about doing this or that 'someday' but when is that exactly?

The reality of time says that there is no future; there is only now.

Both the future and the past only exist in your mind.

So, when you are writing your life 'story' and striving to achieve your goals and dreams, consider the importance of each moment.

Don't put off doing something that could move you forward.

The question that should direct your days is:

If not now when? (And remember that technically, when doesn't even exist.)

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Giving to Get? Really?

How much would it cost to give you the life you envision?

Thousands of dollars? Or maybe millions?

Perhaps it would cost you in time?

Let's back up a step here and start with the idea of 'giving to get.' We all seem to think that in order to have something amazing and awesome, there will be a high price tag.

Where did that idea come from?

The truth is that the Universe is vast and full of every resource you need to succeed.

How much do you pay for the air you are breathing now? Or the sunshine that warms you?

Isn't it possible that this world was designed to make you succeed and be happy?

Write your life 'story' with confidence; it's truly cost-effective.

Friday, March 20, 2015

It Is What It Is

You have all heard this phrase and maybe even said it yourself, but what does it really mean?

If someone tells you a story about a situation that is less than perfect, you might shrug and say, "It is what it is." But what is it?

Here's a mind-altering thought: Events do not have any meaning unless we give it to them.

So, if something 'bad' is happening in your life, it is 'bad' because you say it's so.

It could also work the other way equally well.

You can start ascribing 'good' to events in your life simply because you can. And should.

Fill your life 'story' will all the good stuff.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Do You Have A Chauffeur?

You probably don't have a chauffeur, although you might take a taxi now and then.

So, who is driving you around?

Are you 100% sure you are in the driver's seat of your life?

Or is it your parents, family, friends, boss, or even one of the neighbors who is dictating the direction of your life?

When you make a decision that affects your life 'story' whose opinion matters to you?

Your destiny is tied into your destination; choose your route and drive toward your goal.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

What Scares You?

What scares you?



                                  ...Public speaking

                                                                   ...Losing your job?

These are some things that can send shudders down your spine.

But what about this list of fears?

The fear of not recognizing your vast potential.

            The fear of not living the life that you were meant to.

                           The fear of not writing your life 'story' because you really don't think you can.

Fear can hurt us but sometimes fear is a great motivator.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Fast Food Doesn't Fill You Up

Okay, we've all stopped for a quick burger and fries because we were...

1.) in a rush and absolutely starving
2.) did not feel like cooking
3.) craving the grease, salt, and calories

Hmmm....maybe not #3, but admittedly, fast food serves a purpose or it wouldn't be around.

But fast food never really satisfies you. If the drive-in menu also featured a full course dinner with soup and salad (for the same price!) that may be your first choice.

Fast and immediate does not equal long-term and fulfilling.

When you're writing your life 'story' it's very tempting to have small successes that leave a nice taste in your mouth and mind. Yet, you know that this type of 'fast food' is really underachieving.

You were meant to do great things. Yes, five-course-kind-of-meal things.

No, you don't want fries with that. Instead, order up the future you were born to live.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Anonymity of Average

Average is always safe, isn't it?

Our lives seems to revolve around averages, like the average life span or the median income. Somehow, we tend to feel normal when we live within these average numbers.

But average should not be part of your life 'story.'

Average leads to anonymity which leads to...nothing. 

Here's the definition of anonymous:

..."having no outstanding, individual, or unusual features; unremarkable or impersonal."

Sad, isn't it? And completely not true about you and me.

We have outstanding features and individual dreams.

We each have a unique life 'story' that needs to be written.

Leave the averages to the mathematicians. Instead, add up your goals and dreams and impact the world with a positive and infinitely awesome interaction.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Don't Know? Just Give it a Go!

Maybe you are not quite sure how to write your life 'story' or how to start the process of achieving your goals.

The best advice I can give is: Don't know? Just give it a go!

The only place to start living your 'story' is right where you are now. No need to get a degree, pay for a personal trainer, or take a nap. Start now with whatever you have.

Sadly, I think part of the problem with the idea of living an amazing, productive, and successful life is that deep down, we don't think we can really do it.

We lack the confidence.

But what if I told you that at one point in your life you rocked in the confidence department?

Do you remember learning to walk?

You knew that walking was your 'right' and you were going to do it no matter what. Good thing you didn't know about gravity and the number of times you would fall before actually moving forward.

And of course you couldn't foresee the accidents you would have as a teenager on the ski slopes or as a senior citizen on the icy sidewalk. Then you may have reconsidered the whole idea of walking, right?

No. You still would have walked because you should. And could.

Walk away from your computer and start living the 'story' you want.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Happy Pi Day! (Once in a Century Celebration!)

Pi Day is the unofficial holiday that celebrates the mathematical constant pi.

Pi is the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter with the value being approximately equal to 3.14159265. But because it's an irrational number, the decimal representation never ends or repeats.

Hmmm....remember that thought for a moment, okay?

Pi Day is always celebrated on March 14 (3/14). but this year things are a bit more interesting.

Today is 3/14/15, the first five numbers of pi.

But, even more amazing is that at 9:26:53 am and 9:26:53 pm the date and time will exactly correspond to the first 10 digits pf pi: 3.141592653. People are calling this Pi Second.

This only comes along in every 100 years!

Okay, what does that mean for you and your life 'story?'

I want you to think about pi and its infinite nature.

But not only does the decimal representation never end, they never repeat a sequence.

Pi is not only infinite but extraordinarily creative (for a number, that is!)

Now, you are greater than a number, right? Do you see the infinite and creative possibilities in your life today?

Go out and celebrate Pi by doing something that only you can do.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Shatter Your Limits

Many of us have a tendency to fear new and unknown situations. In fact, we will often go out of our way to bypass these things and stay in our comfort zones.

But to truly write your life 'story' you need to recognize your limits and shatter them. Think about a rocket ship recognizing the pull of gravity and then bursting beyond that barrier to the outer limits of space. 

Go eye-to-eye with whatever situation you feel you are not capable of doing, yet must do in order to move forward.

Oftentimes, our limits are life's way of pointing to areas that you can and should address, either consciously, creatively, or just plain, definitely.

By stressing about areas in which we feel we are lacking, we tend to make our world smaller and our work less significant. When we say we would like to be successful but...

...pay close attention to what comes next. Those are things that you perceive are lacking in your life but which can be yours when you fully realize the abundant resources that are around you.

Today, name your limits. And then look up at the sky and be reminded of the limitless world in which you live. 

Thursday, March 12, 2015


Everyone has a list of privileges that they accept as their 'right.'

Like being able vote, drive a car, or even sleep late on a Saturday morning.

But many times, we leave some privileges on the table because we don't really believe we can actually claim them.

Like having an amazing, successful life or writing a life 'story' in which all of your dreams and goals are fulfilled.

Fear is the worst kind of traffic stop. So, instead of walking away (or even hiding from!) some of the most spectacular privileges you have, grab them.

Write your life 'story' and be sure to include all the good stuff.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Grab a Crayon!

When was the last time you actually used a crayon? If you don't have young children, it's probably been a while.

And that's sad.

Crayons color our world and fuel our imaginations. There is an almost endless list of colors, like Mango Tango and Fuzzy Wuzzy.

Crayons play a big role in a child's creative development, so why put away the box of Crayolas when you feel you are too "old" for them?

There is something magical about drawing in colors. You will even think in colors.

Why not write our your life 'story' with a crayon or two? (Or at the very least, use Comic Sans and a different colored ink in your WORD program?)

Life is meant to be enjoyed and your life 'story' is meant to be written in fun and fabulous ways.

Grab some inspiration from a crayon and see what happens!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Options or Orders?

Do you see your life as a list of options that you can choose?

Or do you view your life unfolding based on the orders you placed in the Universe?

I hope you picked the second choice because that's really more accurate. While we are presented with a lot of options each day, the only way to achieve your life's goal and to write your 'story' is by consciously deciding what you want.

Opportunities and options are not the same thing. Opportunities come into your life to move you forward toward your goals; options are choices that may or may not be right for you and which may also slow you down or steer you off course.

That's why it's so important to articulate and even write down exactly what you want to achieve.

This thought has been going through my mind as I search for a new job. I have been looking at companies who are hiring and matching my relevant skills to that position.

But to make my life more profitable (both in the financial and in the fun categories) I am now going to approach my job hunting in a different way.

I am going to write down exactly what type of work I want to do, how many hours I want to work, and the salary I desire.

This will be an exciting experiment and, yes, I will keep you all posted.

Monday, March 9, 2015

The Power of Observation

The act of observing an event has the potential to change the outcome of that event.

Does that sound a little too unbelievable?

Then, I invite you to check out the Double-Slit Experiment.


In this experiment, when someone watched the flow of light particles, they behaved differently. The presence of an observer actually changed the way the light particles moved. Amazing? Yes. Scientists are still grappling with the implications of this.

But what does this mean when you are writing your life 'story?'

Thanks to quantum physics, you are actually able to influence your life. Anytime something is observed, there is a change to the original state.

So, 'see' your life story and watch it unfold in your mind and imagination. You have the power to create, so use it.

Remember, it's your 'story.'

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Discarded Dreams

Everyone has a pile of discarded dreams.

Things that you wanted to do but for one reason or another, you stopped trying.

Today, I invite you to sit quietly and explore those discarded dreams. You may find a treasure to open.

Every thought that we have transcends the physical world, which means that as soon as you thought of your dreams, you gave them life. And if you never saw those dreams actualized, they are still here waiting.

Today, I challenge you to find them. Fan the flame of interest in them and give them starring roles in your life 'story.'

Saturday, March 7, 2015

No Time? It Could Mean This

Do you often say, "I don't have time for that." or "I wish I had more time."?

It could be the Universe calling you.

If you are struggling to get everything done in  a day, your life may be under committed.

Yes, at first glance that sounds crazy, but hear me out. When you are 100% tuned in to your life 'story' and moving forward toward your goal, time practically rolls out a red carpet for you.

The potholes and pitfalls show up when you are not moving in the right direction. It's like being on a treadmill. All movement but no destination.

What's the fix?

Starting right now, choose one thing to move yourself closer to your life's goal. Follow through with that action -- today. At the end of the day, take your life 'pressure.'

Do you feel more relaxed and in control?

Have you ever heard of Parkinson's Law? It states that work expands to fill the time available for its completion.

Today, I leave you with a new idea:

Time expands to give you opportunities to fulfill your life's goals.

No, that isn't magic; it's just the principles of metaphysics.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Placebos (psst...they work)

"Perception is everything" and this seems to also relate to the effectiveness of placebos to heal the body.

This article is very interesting.

How the Power of Your Mind Can Influence Your Healing and Recovery

As I have been saying here, your thoughts influence your life. And that influence can be both negative or positive, depending on your thoughts.

If you tried the experiment I posted yesterday, you will see that your thoughts actually enter into the physical realm.

Therefore, it is quite believable to see that studies are showing that placebos work simply because people feel they will.

Are you influencing your world through positive thoughts yet?

Try it.

And for those of you who still wonder is perception is everything, is this dress white and gold or black and blue? I see white and gold. :)

Thursday, March 5, 2015

What's Your Good News?

Yesterday's post was about the power of thoughts to create things. (And I remind you that this has a basis in quantum physics.)

Did you try the experiment I mentioned? If not, please do. It is absolutely amazing.

Here's the link again:


After posting yesterday's blog, I made a phone call to a friend and got some good news.

The company where I work is relocating and our last day was scheduled to be April 15. But my friend heard there is a glitch in the relocation process and our last day will now be sometime in May.

That's good news for me since I have extra time to find a new job.

But I am going to take my powerful positive thinking one step further and actually create a new job for myself.

Hey, why not?

Stay tuned. This is definitely going to be interesting.

Tomorrow, I will tell you how the medical field is using positive thoughts to heal. Until then, keep your good thoughts coming!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Good Thoughts = Good Things

Have you ever "Liked" and "Shared" something like this?

It worked, didn't it?

The secret is that our thoughts create things. No, this isn't some 'woo woo' stuff I am talking about, this is based on the principles of quantum physics.

I challenge you to try this experiment that Pam Grout included her book, E- Squared. I tried it and it works perfectly.


When you think good thoughts, good things happen.

And when you look for good things to happen, they do.

Your challenge for today: Look for something good to happen and tell me about it tomorrow.

I'll let you know what happens in my life!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Invitation Only?

Isn't it great to get an invitation to a party?

You immediately know that your presence is wanted at the event and someone actually took the time to contact you and encourage you to attend.

But do you ever do anything without an invitation?

Like doing a random act of kindness when no one is looking? Or do you wait for a charitable organization to ask you first?

Or taking on more responsibility at work even though you won't get paid for doing so? Or do you think that money is the only bonus that really counts?

Many times, we wait for permission to do something noble and good and oftentimes, we look for a reward as well.

Isn't it better to live in the best possible way every day, regardless of the outcome?

If we truly looked for the betterment of everyone else, imagine how amazing the world would become.

You have already been invited to the party; in fact, your invitation was received on your birth day.

So, be sure to show up and show the world how to party with a purpose!

Monday, March 2, 2015


What comes to your mind when you think of precipitation?

Rain? Snow? Sleet?

The type of precipitation depends on several factors, like temperature, regional elevation, and the speed and direction of air masses.

It's amazing to think that from the same sky comes a welcome, gentle rain or a blizzard of epic proportions.

But this same principle is found in other areas of life as well.

Just like the different types of precipitation are made up of various elements, your 'story' will reflect the elements that make up your life. These include your attitude, experiences, and the direction in which you are moving, (forward toward a goal or looking back in anger, remorse or regret).

The good news is that your can positively impact your 'story.'

Start each day with the intention of living your unique purpose. Maintain a positive attitude and don't look back at what you could have done or should have done.

We hold a great deal of power to create the type of life we were meant to live.

Intentionally choose the best things to put into your life and the outcome will be awesome.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Invest in Your Identity Capital

Got money? That's good.

Got identity capital? That's even better.

Identity capital is an investment in yourself.

It's doing things that build you up emotionally and prepare you for a life of true abundance. It's also getting rid of things (and even people) from your life that do not move you toward your ultimate goals.

There is really no limit on the investments you can make in your life.

You can take a class, a hike, or a vacation. You can try new foods, read more books, or learn how to change a flat tire.

But the point is: do something.

Perhaps the most amazing thing about capital is that it gains interest. In the financial realm, when you invest in a 401(k) or stocks, your money increases.

In terms of your life, when you invest in identity capital, you develop the resources to write your life 'story' and achieve your ultimate goals.

And as an added bonus, of course, you become a much more interest-ing person.